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Princess Tent for Kids Tent - 55" X 53" with Led Star Lights | Princess Toys | Kids Toys for Girls

Princess Tent for Kids Tent - 55" X 53" with Led Star Lights | Princess Toys | Kids Toys for Girls

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  • ULTIMATE PRINCESS TENT : Inspired by enchantment and fairytales, our quality-constructed, colorful and safe princess tent includes everything needed to make your princess’s dreams a reality. From poles to magical fabric, this set creates a magical tent for your little ones to explore.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTED AND EASY ASSEMBLY: We prioritize the highest quality and safety standards, which is why we’ve constructed our princess tent from the most durable and kid-friendly equipment. Easily assemble your tent by simply attaching the poles and connectors to the canvas, instantly creating an extraordinary place for your little ones to enjoy. Disassemble your tent in a matter of minutes and compile it into our included carrier for quick transportation.
  • ENCOURAGE CREATIVITY & IMAGINATIVE PLAY : Invite a magical and inspiring environment for your kids to explore, encouraging creativity, imagination, and engineering skills. Provide the best PlayVibes for you and your little ones and get innovative with the endless opportunities our set has to offer.
  • AN ENCHANTING GIFT : Gift your child with the magic of having their own special place to read, relax, and play. With the ability to assemble and disassemble from anywhere, this set encourages children to entertain themselves and explore their imagination from anywhere.

Product Description

Parents, teachers, and kids looking for the perfect indoor/outdoor space to explore their imagination and encourage creative entertainment, will love the convenience and quality offered by the Princess Tent. This vibrant, easy to set up tent is intended to create the most comfortable and magical space for your children to explore.

Designed with your child’s safety as our top priority, our set is made from toxic free plastic and premium fabric, ensuring durability while allowing you to rest easy knowing your little ones can spend hours on end in their imagination without the harm of harsh chemicals.

The set inspires creativity with easy to use poles and connectors, while promoting engineering and problem solving skills as you and your child set up this enchanting space.

Materials: Heavy Duty, Brightly Colored Material, Poles, Connectors. Carry Bag.

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