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Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat, Electric Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Massage Pillow

Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat, Electric Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Massage Pillow

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  • 8 Powerful Deep-Shiatsu Kneading Massage Nodes. Our neck massager helps you better alleviate muscle soreness, ease neck stiffness, eliminate cervical fatigue, and relax after a long day of work
  • Easy and Safe to Use. Built-in infrared advanced soothing heat function, the massager will improve your blood circulation, and it is settled within 15 minutes with overheating auto-shut-off protection. (Can be turned off manually)
  • Adjustable Intensity. This shoulder massager has 3-speed strength level, so you can personalize the pressure to relieve muscle pain and the long handle straps can be used to adjust the massage position and strength as well
  • Durable and Comfortable Material. Made of high-quality PU leather and breathable mesh fabric, the back massager is easy to use and clean. (The zipper is reversed design)
  • Great Gift Idea Choice for Who You Loved. Perfect for home, office, car, and travel use, it has an AC adapter and a Car adapter 


Product Description

Warm Tips

  • ​This massager is designed for deep massage and may be painful for those who are not used to it. Because of this, we recommend putting a towel in between the massager and your body for a better experience with the product.​
  • This massager is not suitable for people with pacemakers, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, joint replacement, and other major diseases as well as those who have weak or sensitive bones or muscles. If unsure, please consult your doctor first before using/purchasing the unit.
  • It's NOT cordless. The Power adapter is UL listed and compatible with wide voltage (110-240V, 60Hz).
  • If the connection seems loose, Please try to push the connector a little further with force.

Nekteck neck back shoulder massager

  • Let the stress melt away with the help of this Versatile Shiatsu Massage Pillow.
  • Designed to target troublesome spots in your neck, lower- & upper back and shoulders, the pillow features 8 deep-kneading Shiatsu massage heads to soothe and invigorate sore muscles.
  • Select massage with or without heat for added comfort. Ultrasoft fabric provides a soothing surface, and an attached remote control permits easy operation.


  • 8 soft, springy massage heads with built-in heating function
  • The massager head can be directed clockwise or counter-clockwise as you prefer
  • Built-in over-heating prevention mechanism
  • Designed to massage acupuncture points in the neck
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • 12V DC power supply makes it safe in the home or car
  • Automatic timer: automatically powers down after each cycle (15 minutes)
  • Automatic transfer Clockwise and Counterclockwise (1 minute)


  • Power Supply: 110-240V, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 30W
  • Dimensions: 15.6*6.4*8.8 inch
  • Weight: 4.6 LBS

Ergonomic 8 Deep-Kneading Massage Nodes

  • Relief of upper back tension
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Lowers your neck pain
  • Reduces headaches
  • Increases shoulder mobility

Portable Electric Powered Massager

Nekteck back neck massager has a wall adapter with 6 feet long power cord that is perfect for use while you’re resting in the house, or you’re at work in the office, and additional car adapter is helpful for people who spend a lot of time in their vehicles, such as people who drive RVs or truckers

Keep your massager connected firmly

The power connectors or sockets can be snugly attached to the power supply.

Please try to push the connector a little further inside the power outlet and hear a "click" sound before use

What You Get

  • 1 x Nekteck Neck Back Shoulder Massager
  • 1 x AC Power Adapter (UL Listed)
  • 1 x Car Adapter
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Packing Box
Heating Feature /
Neck / / / / / Kneading & Rolling
Foot Deep Kneading, Vibration&Air Compression Deep Kneading, Vibration&Air Compression Air Compression Scraping, Airbag and Rolling balls Deep Kneading, Air Compression Kneading & Rolling
Back & Waist / / / / / Kneading & Rolling
Node 56 56 / 6 6 4
Timer 15 Min/30 Min 15 Min/30 Min 20 Min 20 Min 20 Min 15 Min
Cordless NOT Cordless NOT Cordless NOT Cordless NOT Cordless NOT Cordless NOT Cordless
Leg Deep Kneading, Vibration, Air Compression Deep Kneading, Vibration, Air Compression Air Compression / / Kneading & Rolling


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