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Hand Massager - Cordless Hand Massager with Heat and Compression

Hand Massager - Cordless Hand Massager with Heat and Compression

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  • Hand Massager with Heat: CINCOM hand therapy massager provides different acupuncture points and offers a kneading massage with 4 massage heads. Upper and lower airbags press rhythmically along the fingers, hands, and wrists to care for all sides of your hand.
  • Give Your Hands A Break: This electric hand massager relieves arthritis or carpal tunnel pain and relaxes your hand after a long day of work. Heat, air pressure, and kneading to help to get rid of finger numbness & joint soreness. Suitable for both left and right hands.
  • Like A Personal & On-Call Hand Massage Therapist: 3 selectable massage modes and 3 strengths to meet your comfort level. 2 heat settings to choose from according to individual needs and preferences, provides the hand with soothing heat in the deep infrared at 95 - 104 °F (35 - 40 °C) to improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue of fingers and palms, pain, and warming of your cold hands.
  • Rechargeable and Portable: The cordless hand massager with a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery can last 4-5 hours after full charging, either at home or in the office. You will get better relaxation at anytime and anywhere. Also, it’s lightweight and portable with a hurried bag.
  • Gifts for Your Loved One: Our hand massager with heat is a perfect gift for people of all ages on Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father's Day, and Christmas.


Product Description

. The hand massager is customized as per most of the sizes of women. It is not recommended to purchase if your hand’s size is larger than the available biggest size of the product.

We adopt the idea of air bag decompression and heat therapy to divide the functions into 3 massage modes and 2 intensities where you certainly find the most fitting one.

Mode 1- The airbags tightly compress with putting pressure on the acupuncture points of your hand to relieve the sore and swollen fingers because of long-time typewriting and playing phone.

Mode 2- The airbags massage your hand in circulation with relaxing the back of hand to alleviate the syndromes of stiff and numb hand of the elderly.

Mode 3- The airbags compress and decompress with kneading through whole fingers to the wrist to relieve the palm of holding mouse and doing house chores.

Both of the upper and lower airbags will massage different acupuncture points along with palm, the back of the hand, and fingers by air compression and kneading massage. It massages in rhythm to boost the bloods that are rich in oxygen to flow into stiff and ached hand parts, relieving the tension of arthritis and improving the flexibility of joints.

Targeting Parts: Wrist, The back of the hand, Palm, Fingers

Furthermore, you must be astonished at the heat therapy as relieving heat will wrap up through your whole hand against dry and dehydration.

4 Kneading Massaging Nodes

Adopts structure of 4 massaging nodes with optional 2-level heating modes to alleviate soreness and numbness of fingers and raise the flexibility of fingers by deeply squeezing and kneading your hand. It has been in favor with the office lady.

Comfortable Hot Compress

Warm your hand within few seconds. Easy to choose the suitable temperature with the high or low temperature available as you needed.

Portable to Carry

The light and compact weight at only 1.5lb with a storage bag lets you carry around where it is convenient to use despite at home, in the office or travel.


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