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Eye Massager for Dark Circles, Eye Temple Massage Mask with Heat & Remote, Compression, Bluetooth

Eye Massager for Dark Circles, Eye Temple Massage Mask with Heat & Remote, Compression, Bluetooth

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  • 【2 Levels Compression】 With the high-tech motor, and trigger point massage, the eye massager replicates the human massage effect of squeezing and kneading, helping to refresh your eyes. You can choose between 2 adjustable compression intensity settings to be relaxed and enjoy a better sweet dream
  • 【Constant Temperature】 The built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature of 104℉-107℉ (40℃-42℃ ), better for relieving eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, etc. Our eye relaxes machine can effectively help you be refreshed after long-day of work or study. 〖Note: NOT suitable for those who have undergone eye operation, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, etc.〗
  • 【Upgraded Version Adopts Remote & Touch Control】new version eye massager switches the mode randomly with remote and touches 2 methods. You can also enjoy listening to your favorite music tracks with its Bluetooth speaker while massaging your eyes. Bluetooth Name: Eye Massager
  • 【180° Adjustable & Portable Design】 Our electric eye care machine with a storage bag and can be folded into a smaller, so you can take it to the office, airplane, or traveling. In addition, the head strap can be easily adjusted in size and is suitable for all teenagers and adults. 〖Note: If you feel too tight or too loose, pls adjust the headband to find the right size.〗
  • 【Ideal Gifts】 The eye massager with remote control will be unique as a Birthday gift. Every Renpho's massager uses a well-built package & a good unboxing experience. Reno is well-known for the highest quality products and the Best customer service team


Product Description

Enjoy the Ultimate Relaxation of Your Eyes

  •  eye massager is designed for maximum comfort. Get your eye massager today or make a thoughtful gift to a dear friend or beloved family member!
  • It's an ideal choice for many people: teenagers who excessively use their mobile phone or tablet causing eye fatigue or myopia, office workers who use their computer every day, ladies who pay attention to exquisite beauty, who have dry eyes, and people who have stress, etc.


  1. This black eye massager has no silent mode for turning off the Voice Broadcast, it just turns the volume of music to 0.
  2. It is NOT suitable for those who have undergone an eye operation, retina condition, cataracts, glaucoma, etc.

Enjoy Massaging Anytime, Anywhere

  • One of the greatest things about RENPHO's eye massager with remote is its portable nature and storage. Enjoy a relaxing massage during the journey with our eye massager. Great for traveling, home, office, spa, rest, sleeping, etc.
  • After use, you will be relaxed and enjoy a better sweet dream.

NOTE: Our eye massager needs 2-3 hours to charge once, its working time is 120 minutes, and with 15 minutes/1 day working, it can work for 8 days.

Hard and Durable, Easy to Clean

  • The material of the renpho eye massager is skin-friendly PU (protein leather), and the shell is anti-collision ABS, which is durable and easy to clean.
  • The simple white style makes the eye mask closer to life
5 Massage Modes:
  • Compression + Heat + Music
  • Compression + Heat + Vibration + Music
  • Compression-Only + Music
  • Heat Only
  • Vibration Only + Music

Adopts Remote & Touch Control

Wide Range Control Remote

  • Switch the mode randomly and accurately with remote control and touch 2 methods
  • This remote control with a wide range of control that you can control your eye massager at a far distance of more than 16ft from a different angle.

Operation Button

  • Power Button: Long press to turn on/off. Short press to change mode.
  • Music Button: Long press to change next track, short press to change volume change +/-.
  • Intensity Button: Long press to turn Bluetooth on/off, short press to change the massage intensity.

Adjustable Elastic Headband

  • Easy-to-adjust elastic headband makes it suitable for most head sizes and shapes.
  • If you feel too tight or too much compression, which makes you feel uncomfortable or painful. Please loose the head belt, or ask us for help.

Comfortable Warm

  • The perfect substitute to a hot towel. Hot towel cannot keep a constant temperature apply to the eyes, but Renpho's eye massager can do it.
  • The eye massager built-in heating pads provide a temperature between 104℉-107℉ (40℃-42℃), better for relaxation, eye puffiness, dry eyes, etc.
Modes 2+5 Modes 4 Modes 5 Modes 5 Modes
Heating or Cooling 2 Levels heat: 104℉ / 107℉ NO (2 levels heat adjustable)Low heat: 102℉ -106℉; high heat: 106℉-110℉ Fixed heat: 104℉-107℉ (40℃-42℃)
Vision Window NO Yes Yes NO
Silent Mode Yes( two clicks"Volume“ Yes( two clicks"Power“ Yes( two clicks"Volume No(adjustable music volume)
Bluetooth Music Yes(5 Built-in Music) Yes(1 Built-in Music) Yes(2 Built-in Music) Yes(2 Built-in Music)
Voice Broadcast Yes Yes Yes Yes
Auto Timer 15 Mins 10 Mins 10 Mins 15 Mins
Charging Time 3 Hours(Type-C Charging Port) 2 Hours(Type-C Charging Port) 3 Hours(Type-C Charging Port) 2 Hours(USB Charging Port)
Battery Life 180 mins(1500m--Ah) 180 mins(700m--Ah) 180 mins(1500m--Ah) 120 mins(1200m--Ah)
Product Weight 0.72lb/325g 0.4lb/188g 0.75lb/341g 0.74lb/340g


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