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16 Colors Sunset Lamp Projector 360 Degree Rotation Color Changing Rainbow Projection Light Romantic Visual LED Light with Tripod Sunset Floor Lamp

16 Colors Sunset Lamp Projector 360 Degree Rotation Color Changing Rainbow Projection Light Romantic Visual LED Light with Tripod Sunset Floor Lamp

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  • Latest 16 Color Modes in 1 Sunset Lamp - The latest and unique sunset projection lamp has 16 lighting modes, including 14 colors, dynamic fast flashing, and dynamic gradual change. Suitable for children's rooms, and bedrooms, creating a different sunset projector light atmosphere, let you enjoy your leisure time and your family.
  • Romantic Visual Experience - Our rainbow projection floor lamp 10W USB power supply and a 6ft long USB cable with a switch. The soft light is great for lighting and taking pictures or vlogs. Besides, this floor lamp can meet your dream of having a romantic modern home, modern LED lamps enable energy-saving lighting of your house or offices with a pleasant light Living room.
  • Sunset Projection - The sunset lamp projector cast amazing circular lights on the walls, ceiling, and floor. The farther the distance, the larger the projection that can be projected on the wall or ceiling. You could get the feeling of a seaside sunset on your living room/balcony without driving to the beach on a cold winter day.
  • Tripod-ready Rotatable Move - This sunset projector is very easy to use, just Plug and Play. Ring lights also come with a tripod with a 6ft USB power cable. The energy-efficient, glare-free LED lamp has a long service life. No worry about the problems that turn to the head section and cause the product due to frequent movement, wear and tear.
  • How to Use - The sunset lamp light can adjust the size and shape of the halo of the projector night light. The light casts amazing colored circular lights on the wall, ceiling, and floor. And the projection lamp head can be rotated 180 degrees and can produce different lights from different angles, to bring different effects to your room.


Product Description

Sunset Lights -- 14 Colors + Dynamic Fast Flashing + Dynamic Gradient IN 1 Lamp

Romantic modern bedroom

Modern floor stands night light allows you to have a romantic modern bedroom, textured living atmosphere, a warm and pleasant living room for you and your family, and quality of life. Bring happiness to family and children.

Photo auxiliary lighting

Choose among the color settings of the design, including 16 colors (14 colors + quick flash + slow flash). Rich colors allow you to take beautiful photos. Can make you shine on Instagram.

Fit for occasion

The lamp head can be rotated 360 degrees and can emit different lights from different angles, thereby bringing different effects to your room. The soft light is very suitable for lighting and taking pictures. Suitable for children's bedrooms, living rooms, parties, outdoor barbecues, and on-site background lights, creating a gorgeous atmosphere.


Multi-Colors - Meet your Needs for Taking Beautiful Photos


Flexible Tripod and 360 Degrees Lens

This 360-degree rotating lamp head and the foldable tripod are convenient for you to fix the rainbow projection lamp in certain positions. Its portable size makes it very easy to move the location or carry it out.


  1. A unique design that makes it easy to handle and secure your lamp.
  2. Adjustable legs help you to keep and adjust the size and shape of the halo you want.
  3. Very flexible legs for bending, winding, or folding-ideal for all surfaces, angles, and situations.
  4. Easy locking, full pan, and tilt movement, and two leg angles give you stability on any uneven ground.
  5. By adjusting the lens, you can rotate 360 degrees to change the advanced sunset lamp projection area without moving it.





Photography Background

As an auxiliary tool for taking pictures, you can use this 16-color rainbow sunset lamp to take beautiful silhouettes at home. You can shoot your pets, flowers, family, friends, etc., and you can complete high-quality shooting effects at home.

Wide Application

The bright colors allow you to take some INS-style photos, a stunning and shocking excellent photo backdrop for Photography lovers. The combination of color and technology the sunset lamp the popular choice for Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

Lit Up Your Mood Lamp

This sunset lamp is quite charming. You can use it to create a peaceful and meditative space to admire how the beautiful colors quietly changed, giving you free soaring and meditation in a stunning world intertwined with light and shadow.

Romantic Room

Not only the walls, but the ceiling can become a huge canvas for displaying art. This sunset lamp is like a powerful tool that can create infinite combinations and light up a stylish space with incredible light, it can match any aesthetic.


16 Lighting Modes in 1 Lamp, Choose Any One You Want!


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